The Syd Collective started in late 2021 as an artisan candle business. When launching, TSC offered a total of two core scents, and three seasonally inspired scents for the Christmas season, along with a few Christmas Cards. This small product line quickly started to evolve, and soon TSC was offering a wider variety of products including an extensive line of soy wax candles with wooden wicks in many scents, cheeky greeting cards, and small batch accessories, all handmade by Syd.

After almost two years of shaping TSC into a small online gift shop and artisan candle maker, pottery courses took the business another direction. Syd quickly fell in love with making pottery and married candle making with ceramics by starting to offer candles in ceramics and candle relate ceramics along side of the pre-existing candle line. As the ceramics grew more and more popular, as of May, 2024 TSC announced that it was time to phase out candles along with some other products, and focus on pottery, shaping The Syd Collective into what it is today. 


Meet Syd: Born and raised in Kitchener-Waterloo. Big time dog lover. Typography obsessor. Food lover. Coffee drinker. Proud maker and business owner.  Artsy to the core.


The Ceramics Collection was launched in late 2023 with the purpose of offering a multi-functional product which promotes reusing one of a kind, handmade candle vessels once the user is finished enjoying the candle. 

The Syd Collective uses all natural products in all of our candle products to ensure the cleanest burn possible. All products from candles, cards, and accessories are made in small batches or made to order in efforts to reduce waste.

Shipping boxes and protective packaging such as packing peanuts and bubblewrap and reused from previous orders in effort to reduce waste. When shopping at in-person pop up events, TSC offers paper bags. 

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